Becoming a mom isn’t just about the cuddles, kissing boo-boos better and pride so intense it makes your heart burst.

It includes all those things, no one warned us about: 

  • getting peed on (or worse)
  • sleepless nights
  • the end of privacy and personal space
  • Hemorrhoids and peeing your pants when you sneeze (the worst!)

Frankly, you often wonder how the heck you survive each day and wish for some semblance of the woman you were before kids. You know she’s in there somewhere; isn’t she? YES, SHE IS.

You are a strong, vibrant woman and are worthy of a lifestyle that reflects your personality.

I know this, because like you, I’m a mom who’s navigating the bumpy roads of motherhood and has arrived at a place of confidence and strength through a fitness and mindset that doesn’t view the #mombod as weak, but instead something to be cherished and respected.

Mom-In-Charge at Empowerfit Personal Training.

I’ve experienced all the sleepless nights one can handle, poop on my face and even postnatal depression.

I’m also a prenatal & postnatal fitness educator with over 15 years of experience and education in the fitness world. I am your one-stop shop for fitness, mindset, and nutrition that builds strength, rejuvenates energy, and allows you to be the best version of mom, woman and everything in between.

Your body has conquered the ultimate task of growing and nurturing a child.  It deserves love & respect.

My Moms Return to Training program encompasses everything you need to exercise with confidence and intent, before, during and after pregnancy.

My Individual Coaching Programs allow us to work together as a team and build the perfect program for you at each stage of motherhood.

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