You deserve to conquer that balance between #momsohard and taking care of yourself as a woman.

To feel energetic, strong and self-assured in a body that has created life and gives so much every day.

But often the journey you embark on during pregnancy and postpartum can leave you feeling: overwhelmed – anxious – drained.

You marvel at the life you’ve created but wonder how to find some semblance of the woman you were before kids.

Mom-In-Charge at Empowerfit, and guiding force in your postnatal journey.

As a mom of two with over 15 years in the fitness biz, I’ve got oodles of education and experience to deliver quality pre & postnatal personal training.

I want to be your one-stop shop for exercise, nutrition, and mindset, allowing you to heal, restore strength and embody everything you envision your ultimate health to be.

Giving you the freedom and energy to live life with the flourish you deserve.

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