Have you ever had that conversation with yourself:

“Oh it’s been forever since I’ve been been to the gym! I could use a good workout.”

I actually had this thought the other day, because I haven’t been to a gym outside my home studio in quite a while.

And it struck me – that’s a totally ridiculous thought to have! 

We have this impression that we MUST go to an outside source to ensure we get a solid workout.   Yes, there are places that I tend to work harder (sometimes), but that doesn’t mean I’m not working my ass off when I’m at home.

We give more credit to a workout surrounded by others or in a facility where you pay for a membership or people can see you working, therefor somehow validating our efforts. By saying we did it at a gym and not at home, makes it more legit or intense (not).

Often times, we give ourselves the excuse, that if we can’t commit to going out of our way to a gym, putting our kids in their daycare, driving on the roads in the winter to get there, or really just having the energy to get there – it must mean we can’t commit to a healthier lifestyle or fitness regime.

This is such BS!! 

Having a membership at a gym has it benefits, but it doesn’t mean you can’t commit to being more active and improving your fitness.  And it sure as hell doesn’t mean you can’t work as hard as you need to, to see results.

We all can’t afford the memberships; some of us are not confident enough to face the crowds, and many of us have too much on our damn plates already to add the extra time required to fit it in our days.

And that’s totally OKAY! 

We CAN workout at home.

We can see results.

We can achieve great things without the fancy equipment.

We just have to stop saying we can’t.

Because I hear it over and over and OVER again.

“I can’t hold myself accountable working out at home” 

“I can’t motivate myself to workout at home” 

And here’s a little tough love for us all – If these are the reasons we are using to put off getting healthier and stronger – a gym membership is not going to solve our problems. In fact – it could make them worse.

Add on the stress of another bill every month, compiled with worrying about how we look and comparing ourselves to others, and if we can’t commit and go consistently- we now have guilt to make us feel even worse.

It’s an awful horrible no good ferris wheel of emotions that we do not need or want.

Learning to workout at home and getting it out of our heads that it’s difficult to do – is not always a simple task. But it should be.

Which scenario would you prefer?

  • Finding a space in your house to do 30 squats, 10 push ups and 1 min. plank for 15-20 minutes


  • Packing the gym bag (and food for snacks ) the night before, driving to gym before or after work (in winter conditions now), getting pissed cause we forgot something, putting the kids in child minding, rushing through a workout cause the kids are hungry and we still have to get home – make dinner – blah blah blah, pick up the kids (that are now melting down), driving home and then getting on with our to dos.

Seems like a pretty obvious answer to me! 

If our kids don’t want to give us time to get the work done at home – we need to figure out what we can do to make it work. Plop then in front of a movie, give them a snack, video games, anything! It’s OK to use whatever means necessary to get that 20 minutes for ourselves.

I’ll have a friend come over twice a week and let our kids play while we sweat.   It helps having a buddy to keep you committed and the kids get to play too. Win – Win!

The ladies in my coaching club have quickly learned you don’t need fancy equipment, a schedule full of classes or bright lights to get in shape.  You need 20 minutes, full body movements, and the desire to make a change.  THAT’S IT!!! 

When we stop saying “I can’t” and replace it with “I will” amazing things can happen.


This is the kind of upbeat and motivational attitude is how we do things in my coaching the (we call ourselves the Iron Maidens – totally rad I know)  You are invited to become our newest member and get an inside glimpse at how we approach health & fitness and change the way you view it completely.  Click HERE for details and to join and start seeing results right away.

You’ll love the workouts I have waiting for you!

Christy xo

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