This morning I’d like to start off by giving a huge high five to all my fellow mommas out there, that have kids that wake up at the crack of dawn, and then terrorize us all morning with moody Judy attitude.  Because that’s been how my entire last week has played out and I’m SO tired of being jolted out of bed before 6am to deal with a cranky and demanding toddler.


I hurt my arm yesterday, presumably during my workout, which means I was also out of sorts this morning so it made for a very interesting scene.  Cereal was spilled, tears overflowed (mostly from Hazel but I was def on the verge) and poor Uriah just sat back and watched the chaos.

So props to all you moms out there – I feel your pain, I feel your frustration, I’ll cheers you tonight when I pour myself a delicious glass of red wine 🙂

Speaking of red wine – as many of you might already know, I recently had to cut wine out from my diet – completely!   Many of you will feel my pain on this topic, and a few of you may think it’s not that hard. It was hard as hell for me giving up my evening glass of wine!!   I couldn’t be happier that I’ve been able to bring it back into my nightly routine of relaxing, sipping, relaxing and sipping some more.

I made the decision to cut out not only the wine, but also all sugar, fruit, grains, starches & some nuts.  I got rid of everything for 21 days and focused on creating a diet of veggies, meats, certain nuts, seeds aaaaaand that’s about it! I did this because as you can see in this picture, my face was in terrible shape and I had been diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis.  It’s a skin condition with no real known cause, that creates inflammation, blister type sores and red flakey skin around the mouth and nose.  Sexy right?


I’ve been dealing with this since December 2015.

As most of you can guess, I typically enjoy a pretty clean diet.  Not a lot of sugar, processed foods, etc.  However, at Christmas (every single year) I forego my healthy routine and eat and drink whatever the heck I feel like.  No holds barred, nothing is off limits, and I will eat and drink crap until I feel awful.  Yes, I turn into a total glutton all in honour of the Christmas holidays.

Im sure many of you can relate.  The boxes of chocolates and home baked goods start coming out in droves.  Lunches, dinners, parties are planned every weekend and many days of the week.  Family comes over and your mom makes traditional tasty treats that she only makes for you once a year.  How in the world are you gonna say NO to that?!

I said yes to everything and anything, and in turn my skin gave me the big middle finger, and broke out so bad, I was embarrassed to leave the house.  Not only does it look awful, but its very painful.

I don’t wear makeup (often) so trying to become a master at masking my newfound markings was a challenge.  And it made me feel like it was making them worse.  I tried oils, creams, lotions, everything I could think of to make it go away, and nothing worked.  In fact, everything I was doing seemed to make it WORSE.  UGH!!!!

Finally after a month or two, I went to the doctor and of course he prescribed antibiotics and a cream.  I’m not one for oral antibiotics so I tossed that prescription and opted to try the lotion first.  And it did some good.  For a while.  And then, it stopped working.  I am pretty in tune with my body, and in my head I had already come to the conclusion:

My face is responding to what I eat and drink.

After researching everything I could about Perioral Dermatitis, and knowing what I already know about healing with food, I knew that I needed to go on an elimination diet to give my body time to heal and detox before I would be able to figure out exactly what was causing the flare ups.  But was I really ready to give up all that food for 21 days? HAHAHA, Nope!

It took me another 3 months to come to terms that no matter what I did, my skin was not going to get better until I changed my diet and really listened to my body.  In total, it took me 6 months to finally wrap my mind around changing the way I eat and do something drastic to better my health.  And now look!

IMG_4293The redness is gone! The flakiness is gone! I don’t feel like Quasi Moto anymore!

How exactly did I do it? Well as I said above I cut out all sugar, fruit, grains, starches, alcohol & some nuts for 21 days.  Yes I cheated and didn’t get it 100% for the whole 21 days, but when I “cheated” it was for a piece of fruit, not a PB&J sandwich or an ice cream sundae. (read the blog here about my cheat day)  Once the 21 days was over, I introduced foods back one at a time so I could track how they made me feel and pinpoint what made my skin flare.  Surprisingly, I’ve discovered that peanut butter and I do not have a friendly relationship anymore more (to my dismay) and I haven’t played around with other nut butters yet to see the response.  Other than that, nothing else has really caused a response that has made me feel the need to cut it out completely.  I’ve kept my dairy very minimal (which is normal for me anyways) and I’ve only brought wine back in sparingly.

There were days during this elimination when I felt super tired and others I had energy to spare.  Days when I was cranky because all I wanted was cereal, fruit, crackers, whatever; and others where I felt like eating this was was so easy and I should do it all the time.  I also experienced a HUGE flare up around day 10, which, looking back, I’m not sure if it was my body detoxing or if I’d been eating nut butters (which I found out later cause flare ups)  Which led me to go to my doctor for help, and I started taking the oral antibiotic along with maintaining my diet.

And honestly, my biggest motivator was FEAR.  Fear that if I ate the wrong thing, my face would flare up and I would break out with those horrible sores and redness.  I was tired of being self conscious, and also tired of knowing that I have the power to make the change, and simply not putting that power into action.  I suffered for 6 months already and I was not about to do it any longer.

It was MY TIME for change.fitness-motivation-quotes-6

We have all got to that point in our lives when we can acknowledge how unhappy our health is making us and the impact it’s having on our lives.  Yet, taking that final step towards committing to making the changes we know need to be made, is SO much more difficult.  People around us can try to motivate us all they want – unless we are ready, REALLY ready to make some changes, it’s just not going to happen.




My question to you is this – What time is it for YOU? 

Is it time to change your diet? Is it time to start being more physically active? Is it time to stop feeling guilty about putting yourself first for a change? Is it time to take that scary first step towards doing what you know in your heart and your gut must be done in order for you to feel confident, strong, healthy? Is it time to stop making excuses?

Some of us can make changes in one fell swoop.  Other need to take baby steps towards the larger goal.  No matter how we achieve it, the fact that we’ve committed to this being OUR time, is the most important step in the process.  Now you can plan out exactly how and what you need to move forward towards the end result you want.  You can start asking for help, accept the support nd encouragement around you.  Engage your family, friends and hire a coach to create a healthy and consistent environment that will help keep you accountable.

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