It’s that time of year again!! The invites are being addressed and will soon be delivered to excited youngsters that anticipate the fun and excitement of Uriah’s UN-birthday party!

What the heck is an UN-birthday party?

Well, it’s exactly that.  It’s a party to celebrate Uriah’s UN birthday! Poor kid was born a week before Christmas and between Christmas concerts, parties, family gatherings, etc.,  no one ever has time to attend his real birthday party.  So we host a cool get together when it’s hot outdoors and it usually involves some sort of water theme.  We’ve done a giant waterslide twice (which is just as much fun for the adults btw), we did a rockstar theme (complete with tattoos and color hair spray) and this year we will be doing something super cool (even though I’m more excited about it than he is)  This years theme is a COLOR POWDER BATTLE!  Each person gets some brightly colored powder and you toss it around, ending with everyone being splattered and smiling from ear to ear.  Because I’m insane, I’ve decided to invite 17 hyper active kids to our house to run around with messy colored powder, and then slip around on a slip n slide and more than likely run through the house with wet feet and dripping swim suits. HA! good thing the wine fridge is stocked up!

Honestly, Ben (my husband) and I look forward to this party every year.  It’s always lots of fun and we are the quintessential party hosts and enjoy opening our home up to guests.  First we have to try to pick a date.  This is usually the hardest part! It takes a lot of work to add another event to what is typically a packed summer of traveling, festivals, bike rides, BBQ’s – and not just for us but for the friends we know we want to invite too.

We have to prep all the invites and I have always created and made the invites myself.  I like to make them personal with Uriah’s picture on them and I always include a picture of the main event or theme of the party.  I also do all the planning and organizing myself. This year will include making my own DIY cornstarch and color powder for the kids.  It’s a 3 day work in progress to make the mixture and let it dry into a powder.  Wish me luck! (and  pass the wine)  I will create a menu, shop for all the food,  prep the food, make the cake from scratch (something I also always do)  While all this is happening I’ll be receiving 17 RSVP’s either on time or last minute.  Oh, and we can’t forget decorations!! I’m going to make a water balloon piñata, a donut on a string game, a homemade slip n slide……where’s that wine? My list will grow and grow and there will always be a point where I feel overwhelmed and think “I’m going to scale down next year” or “I’ll start planning earlier next year”.  Which I never do, because something always comes up or I just don’t feel like it.

Starting a workout regime is the very similar to the chaos of planning an Un-Birthday party.  Most times, we get flustered just beginning to THINK about starting a new routine.

We pick a day to start – can’t be this Monday, we have dinner plans, maybe you have a kids commitment, or dang it, you have to wash your hair that day.

We make a plan – we start with new shoes, new clothes, maybe we need new equipment (can’t start until you get that new blue band you saw last time you browsed the fitness section) do I need a trainer? No, let’s just watch 40 hours of videos on Youtube to get inspired (no, the Americas Got Talent vids do not count)

How many days a week will I workout? 3? 4? 5? But I can’t start tomorrow because it’s a Tuesday and I don’t want to work out Tuesdays.  So I’ll just start on Wednesday, hmm, wait, is that the night Grey’s Anatomy is on? Dang.  Ok, Thursday, ya, that’ll work.


We get SO caught up in the details and planning that we never get around to actually STARTING.  We get lost in the details, overwhelmed, confused, disinterested and lost in the chaos.

Most of us don’t believe that all we need is 20-30 mins. x 3-4 days a week to see results and feel better.  We can all agree that if we put our phones down, stepped away from the computer or the tv, we would have the time to commit to a fitness regime and get a workout of some sort in.  If we keep it simple and stop worrying about all the small stuff, the options and possibilities are endless.  Check it out:

30 jumping jacks (warmup)

10 air squats, 20 alternating lunges, 10 pushups – as many rounds as possible in 15 mins.  Rest when needed and put in maximum effort.

15 minutes!! YES!! This is achievable for anyone, no matter how busy our schedule is.  We can add weights, we can add kids to the mix (much harder hefting a 30lb toddler around!)  You can add bands, big jugs of water, a big bag of dog food.  The point is that your keeping it simple, using what you have at your disposal and you are being efficient with your time.

And if you like the idea of workouts like this and learning how to get shit done without all the muss and fuss – then sign up for my wait list HERE to be the first to be a part of my newest online group coaching club that’s opening up July 1st, 2016.

Christy xo


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