“Thanks for never being just a physical presence but creating a mind and body support group that resonates with women. “

Lacey Z.

“I had to get my copy of Moms Return To Training! I was starting to have a hard time getting up off the floor after playing with the kids. Your program will help and I haven’t seen anything geared towards postpartum in such a complete educational way.”

Tricia B.

“Thank-you for making Moms Return To Training! A program I wasn’t overwhelmed with on the very first day and that I can do with my whole family if need be! And the fitness it will hopefully bring to our family. You’re changing lives!

Jenn D.

“Christy’s Squad is a community of women who have come together to share their experiences, good and bad, in a safe and fun environment. Christy is an amazing coach and mentor and really strives to teach us how to be strong and better to ourselves. I am learning about better nutrition, better workout strategies and I feel safe in sharing my story.”

Tracy K.

“I started my fitness and weight loss journey April 2016. I had seen some results but not much. I was at lost constantly trying different “programs” not being able to stick with one and confused on what to do workout and eating wise.

Fast forward to January 2017 I had just came off of a month long holiday eating bender. I wasn’t feeling to happy with myself. I came across Empowerfit’s Anti-Resolution challenge; it took me a week to get the nerves to enroll. I was scared it was just going to be another failure, it turned out to be the best thing I ever did.

I can’t say enough good things about Christy, she puts her heart and soul into creating workouts for us ladies in her Christy’s Squad community – let me tell you you’re going to sweat! There is no set “program” or eating plan but what you do get is the tools and building blocks to become successful in reaching your goals. You’ll have a better understanding on nutrition and eating foods that work best for you! There’s no gimmicks and no magic elixirs. Just knowledge and support from Christy (and all of us Squad Sisters)


“Christy has been a blessing in my crazy life. As a mom of two young children with a husband out of town during the week, she has given me the programming that caters to my needs and allows me to get my workouts in daily. She constantly sends her support and guidance and keeps reminding me how strong I can be not only physically but mentally. I have never met someone who has allowed me to change the way I think about my “mom-bod.” I have learned to accept who I am and enjoy the journey of transforming into someone filled with confidence. I didn’t think I would ever be able to feel the way I do but it has been amazing. I came to Christy to help me get on track for the upcoming weddings I am in and I feel I have come out of this a whole new person. I want to thank her everyday because she has brought my spunk back and given me the confidence I needed at this time in my life. She is the best ever!”


“Christy with your nutrition and motivation coaching through Christy’s Squad you are changing lives, my life, impacting it for the better. I am so grateful. Thank you for creating this awesome community!”

Amanda L.

“Christy’s Squad is a group of women who lead different lives- moms, working ladies, business owners- busy people with busy lives. It is a great place to find support on goals, how to eat, how to track eating, exercise, to be real and share ideas. Best is that it doesn’t matter place or time of day, it is here for you. It is a place I go to several times a day! You can share both your highs and lows without concern of negativity or judgment.”


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