I love to change my hair.  And I’m not talking a trim here, maybe some highlights there.  I mean, extreme changes with colour, cut, styles.  I’ve been brown, blonde, black, red, blue, purple, pink, and recently silver/grey.  It’s been long, short, shaved, faux hawked, pulled forward, back, and everything in between.  People love seeing what I’m up to next with the coif, and I get comments like “whoa I wish I had the guts to do that!” or “oh I would love to do that but..”  But what?  It’s hair.  It grows back, it can be coloured back to the previous version, you can shave it all off and voila! It’ll come right back!  It’s your hair, you control it, not the other way around.

It’s the same concept with our bodies.

Our body doesn’t just change because it decides one day it would like to gain or lose a few pounds.  It also doesn’t decide to get achy or breakdown because it figured on its own that it was a cool thing to do.  Our bodies respond to the food, activities, stresses and environmental factors we subject it too.  Yes, there are things in todays world that no matter how hard we try to control their effect on our body, we can’t. However there are MANY things that we can.

  • Food – once we tune out all the garbage that is thrown at us daily via the media, it’s easy to understand what to put in our bodies.  It’s also much easier to notice how our body responds to the food we feed it.  Bloating, gas, sluggishness, insomnia, skin issues.  A lot of these we have had for so long and so frequently, we just assume its normal and take a pill, cream to “cure” or suffer thinking there is no way to feel better.   A diet filled with real food (veggies, organic meats, fruits, nuts, seeds, organic dairy) can cause such a noticeable and positive difference for many in a short period of time.
  • Physical Activity – did you notice I didn’t say “Exercise”?  It’s not always about going to the gym, it’s simply about moving our bodies.  Walking, riding a bike, playing with our kids, various sports, and yes, traditional exercise.  Our bodies were meant to move, to bend, run and jump.  Add in 20  minutes of movement each day and not only will we physically feel better, but emotionally we benefit
  • Mindset – We have had our entire lives to build up the habits that we have.  And did you know that it takes on average 2 months to create a NEW habit? This is the part of creating a healthy lifestyle that takes the most work.  Identify the negative habits, and acknowledge all the influences in our lives that have helped shape them. Then, start slashing those influences and embrace the influences that inspire and motivate you to develop new habit.  Get a trainer, start watching less TV, stop worrying about all the daily “things” that stress us out.

No more will you say “I wish I could do that” or “If only I could make this happen.”  Because you will uncover your personal power of will and realize that YOU CAN.

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