IMG_4134I want to cry.  I want to scream, kick, pout, have a fit and behave as I often reprimand my children for behaving. My gut is twisted, my chest is heavy and I feel idiotic and justified all at the same time.

Because of a strawberry.

Actually, to be honest, it’s because of a bunch of strawberries.  Juicy, ripe, red, wonderful & fragrant strawberries.  Sitting in my big silver bowl, freshly washed and ready for my family to devour.  Everyone – except me.

If you’ve been following me on social media lately you’ve probably seen some posts on my elimination diet.  I started the elimination diet 14 days ago in an attempt to heal my Perioral Dermatitis.  It’s inflammation around my mouth & nose that is painful, red, flakey, and you guessed it – EMBARRASSING.  It started in December 2015, which is when I usually forgo my typically clean diet for an “I’m going to eat & drink anything I want because it’s the holidays!” attitude.  In the past, maybe I gained a few pounds, but last December that wasn’t the only thing I got.  The rash started and I figured it was mild acne due to the sugar and booze.  But I could not get it to go away – no matter what I did.  After a month or so, I started trying creams, essential oils, lotions; you name it, I slathered it on my face in an attempt to make the rash and blisters go away.  To my dismay (and that of my doctors) it actually made things worse.  I got a prescription cream (which cost $90 by the way – yes, you read that right) and it worked a little bit, for a little while, and then stopped being effective.

After doing a lot of research my own, and knowing what I do know about nutrition and healing through food, I concluded that healing my gut from the inside out was the best course of action.  The basis of my elimination diet: no sugars (including fruits/honey/etc.), no dairy (there go my lattes!) no starches, no grains, no alcohol (lord I miss my vino!), the list goes on.  I’ve basically been consuming veggies, meat, certain nuts, seeds and…. ya, that’s about it.  And let me tell you – IT’S FREAKING TOUGH!! I would never do a diet this restrictive unless I really felt I needed to do it.  And the reason I felt I needed to do it, is because no one – even my doctor or dermatologist – knows what causes Perioral Dermatitis.  So I cut out all these foods to give my body a break, detox if you will (that word gets thrown around a lot, but in this case it’s accurate) and after 21 days of this, if I can see a difference in my skin and my health, then I’ll know I’m on the right track.  If my body responds positively, then I can start reintroducing foods each week to see how my body reacts.

Fast Forward to me crying over the strawberries. IMG_4133

I’m on day 14 and I am getting cranky.  I love fruit.  I mean who doesn’t love a sweet wonderful treat, especially in the summer time.  You may not even realize how much fruit you eat if you don’t track your food.  I used to think I didn’t eat a lot until I cut it out and WHOA was I wrong.  It’s in my breakfast, smoothies, snacks, salads, desserts.  EVER DAMN MEAL.  And today, I am seriously missing my fruit, seriously wishing I could have a fruit salad party and drink, eat and be berry (‘er I mean merry)

If your part of the norm and have put yourself on a diet of any sort at a point in your life – I’m guessing you can relate to this freak out I’m currently having in my kitchen.  Whether it be chocolate, peanut butter, chips or pop – when we deny ourselves something we enjoy completely, it can consume us entirely. And not in a good way.

This is why I never, ever, tell my clients to deny themselves – instead learn how to eat it in moderation so it fits our lifestyle and goals.  

Of course if we have health concerns that require a limited diet, that’s another story. But for most people, that’s not the case.  Most people, once we understand how to determine how much to eat and how our body responds to food, we see a whole new way of eating and being free with the menu.

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And remember, I may be here freaking out, but I’m always waiting on the other end to help and answer your questions.



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