As you can imagine, I get asked about my business and fitness lifestyle quite often. Which is totally cool –  in fact I love it.  I have other moms confide in me about how they feel and I get asked questions about eating and working out a lot.
One particular day I got asked “do you workout EVERY DAY?”
I was actually a little bit stunned to be honest – because my first thought was “of course not!”  I quickly composed myself and said this:
“No – I workout smarter, not harder”
Reflecting back on this question, and the belief that someone may have, that you have to workout every day to be in shape, is frightening to me.  And sad.  Because it means that there has been a lack of information or perhaps too much of the wrong information, being given to this woman and others like her.
I’m a mom.
I’m a wife.
I’m a business owner.
I’m a daughter/sister/cousin/granddaughter
and the list of responsibilities I have is endless.
And I’m pushing 40 years old!
I do not have the time, energy or even desire to workout EVERY.DAMN.DAY.
But I do want to live a healthy lifestyle.  I strive to live a life worthy of inspiring others to follow a similar path.
So – what did I mean “smarter, not harder”?
Let’s break it down:
Duration – in order to lose weight, build muscle, increase cardio and get mucho benefits from exercise, you do not need to workout an hour or more every day. All you need is 20-30 minutes; 4 days/week.
Did you get that? 20 – 30 minutes. 4 times per week.  That’s it, that’s all.
I think we can all agree that we ALL deserve 20-30 mins. to do something awesome for our health – yes?
Schedule it, put it in your calendar (I live by my iPhone calendar) and know ahead of time where and when that time is going to happen.  Make it a non-negotiable.
Type – gone (long gone) are the days of boring cardio or traditional weight lifting. Its all about the fun and excitement of interval training, kettle-bells, bands, even body weight exercises.  There are more options than we can shake a stick at, which means you get to choose what you enjoy and that, will only lead to a greater chance of success.  This also gives us incredible freedom and allows you to workout wherever you want to and still get the benefits.  No gym membership needed.  Just some creativity and willingness to try new things.
Intensity – OK!!  Here is the most critical part of this whole conversation. To make this 20-30 give you the most results – you’ve got to work HARD.  The energy expended in the 20-30 mins. must leave you breathless, your muscles burning and nothing left in your tank to keep going. You’ve got to work hard enough that you are forced to rest.  If you’re working steady and not having to rest; up the intensity!  A phrase I love is from Jade Teta & Metabolic Effect: “Work until you can’t – Rest until you can”
This will burn more calories while working out, and will cause an “after-burn” effect for hours or days post workout.
Here’s a snippet from a workout video from my last free challenge:

Being fit and healthy is important.  But not at the expense of spending hours in the gym, distracting you from the other exciting moments in life.
Which is why in my Empowerfit Exclusive Coaching Community (E2C2), I give you new and exciting workouts every month that follow the guidelines we just talked about.   Access to video demonstrations, printable PDF’s and support from the group is all there to help you kick some A$$!
Join the group HERE to find freedom, variety and the results you’ve been waiting for.
I’m headed to the group now to check on the posts and fun updates from the ladies already there! Can’t wait to see you in the action!

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