care for your littles and manage the demands of your hectic life. BUT FOR YOU 

Because you are also a woman,

a force to be reckoned with.

Pregnancy and postnatal is the epitome of strength, but it can leave you feeling overwhelmed – anxious – drained.

Let’s face it, between feedings, toddler life, school drop-offs and remembering to brush your teeth, time for yourself is a rare occurrence, and you often fantasize about how you could feel if you had the same support you devote to others every day.

Mom-In-Charge at Empowerfit, and guiding force in your postnatal journey.

I am your one-stop shop for fitness, nutrition, and mindset, that builds strength, rejuvenates energy and embodies everything you envision your ultimate health to be. Allowing you to thrive and not simply survive.

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