tooth fairy and PRs

It was a big day in our house yesterday – Uriah lost his first tooth! We have been waiting with baited breath for a loooooong time for this to happen. Many of his friends have lost one or multiple teeth already and he was starting to feel left out. His bottom middle tooth has been wiggly for a while now, and it seems like it’s been months of hearing “mom look at my tooth! It wiggles!” or “mom, I was eating a cucumber and it made my tooth loose!.”

When I picked him up from school yesterday, he came running at me with his usual joyful abandon, and I had my arms spread to pick him up tightly as I always do. Only this time, he stopped on a dime and gave me the BIGGEST goofiest smile he had. And just like a fellow 6 year old, I jumped up and down, squealed a happy squeal and shouted loudly with pride. Then I asked Uriah “well, where is it??” to which he responds, “um, I lost it! It was in my locker but I can’t find it now.” HAHAHA! You LOST your lost tooth? Why am I somehow not surprised? But he assured me that if he wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, she would understand and still leave him something under his pillow.

We called the entire family (dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle) and posted a picture for everyone to see. He also had a very engaging conversation with some of my gym mates that night when we went to my 5PM workout, much to their delight.

At that same workout, there was an exercise that has daunted me (and many other people for that matter) since I started Crossfit. WALL CLIMBS (dun dun dunnnn) Three rounds of five reps to be precise. And that’s only a portion of the workout, but it’s the part that’s relevant so I won’t bore you with the rest.

Now if you’ve ever attempted a wall climb, you’ll understand that it’s an understatement to say they are “hard.” Because they are eff’ing hard, near impossible for a lot of people to do. I had worked my way up to being able to do them prior to my second pregnancy (Hazel is now 18 months old) and since her birth; I’ve attempted them and always ending up saying “screw this!!” and stopped. So last night, I was hell bent on getting ALL of these wall climbs – and I did it!! It was so hard, so exhausting, and I felt like my head was going to pop off like a balloon each time I was upside down. BUT I DIDN’T GIVE UP.

A lot of people (women especially) will tell themselves “I can’t do that” without even making the attempt. This comes from fear of embarrassment; shame or rejection; even fear of injury. But how will you KNOW you can’t do it, if you haven’t even tried it? And even if you can’t do it the first time, maybe you’ll nail it on the second try. Perhaps you won’t succeed until the 100th try. But when you do accomplish it, you will feel incredible! Just like Uriah did for finally losing his first tooth, and just like I did when I hit all 15 wall climbs.

It’s always a good day for firsts, to feel that elation and pride when we accomplish something we didn’t believe we could do. So get out there today and start working towards your first.

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