Postnatal Fitness Coaching

Being a Mom is special…..

But being a mom is also one of the toughest roles we will ever experience.  Our bodies have been stretched, weighed down and completely morphed from the physique we’ve known our entire lives.

Its normal for moms to experience a gamut of emotions over our new bodies and responsibilities.  We feel like we must get “our bodies back” and start back into a fitness routine too early, or, begin activities that put too much stress on our pelvic floor, core and overall body.

I’ve been there, and know first hand what it feels like to push past that point of healthy or safe, just to get back into my pre-baby jeans.

But I learned the hard way that going to hard too soon, and exercising without the proper knowledge and information, can lead to issues such as:

  • Further damage to an existing diastasis recti (a gap in the abdominals caused by stretching/thinning of the connective tissue)
  • urinary/fecal incontinence (which is common but not normal)
  • back pain
  • pain during intercourse
  • pelvic organ prolapse

Time to take control..

After months of having little control over our bodies – it’s important for moms to begin to take back control after baby, and do it with the respect, knowledge and patience it deserves.

It’s about being stronger and more capable to survive the sleepless nights, lifting our children and healing the trauma of pregnancy.

It’s about being confident, feeling good and avoiding the never ending aches and pains that we like to call “mom injuries”.

And it’s not as simple (or boring) as just core and pelvic floor exercise. Being strong is full body commitment!

Using an individualized assessment and a “Risk Vs Reward” approach, together we will develop a plan that excites you, makes you feel good and preps you for life.

“Once a post partum body – always a post partum body!” ~ Jessie Mundell

Knowledge Is Power…

It’s my mission to bring education and support to your postnatal fitness routine.  To encourage you to do what you love, but with strategy and options.  You deserve better advice than “just listen to your body” or “if you did it before, just keep doing it and modify”.

There is so much more to understanding how your new body works, and how to make it stronger.  Even if you’re not symptomatic – having a well thought out plan to recovery, will ensure that you do not become symptomatic later on in life (which was my experience)

Regardless if you are newly postpartum,

or an experienced mom



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