Erica is Empowerfit’s most responsible physiotherapist and she specializes in pelvic health including pre and postnatal care, pelvic pain, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Erica is experienced in treating MSK injuries and offers a variety of treatments including dry needling.  She is passionate about supporting women through every stage of life and encourages strength, function and variety in movement.  Erica loves educating women about their bodies and empowering them with information to feel confident and resilient at any stage of life. Erica is a mother of two and teaches yoga on the side. She can’t wait to meet you in the studio and support you through any concerns. 



My name is Keeley Smith and have been working as a PT since 2001 an in the area Pelvic Health since 2009. My focus is on postpartum recovery of women who experience issues when returning to exercise and still experience leakage, heaviness, urgency despite having seen pelvic physiotherapy already. I work and develop programs with Athletic and Personal trainers to tailor and structure workouts to improve your symptoms WHILE doing the workout in the Specific areas you have problems. I also enjoy working with Men and Women in the area of bladder and bowel pain and dysfunction , emptying, frequency/urgency and nighttime waking. I work on lower levels of sexual pain and dysfunction. I refer out to other practitioners for pre-natal patients. I commonly work with other support personal including sexual psychology, UroGynecology Clinic, dietitians and other health care practitioners who focus on pelvic health when working with someone.

Additional Highlights: Hypopressive level 3 certified, Acupuncture, Yoga instructor, Manual Therapy, Current Participant in Brazilian Jujitsu and Olympic Weightlifting


Erica is a dynamic, nurturing  RMT massage therapist with a passion for helping others achieve their maximum level of wellness.  She is proficient and knowledgeable in all facets of therapeutic and relaxation massage.  Erica combines excellent communication skills with empathy which enables her to provide assessment and massage treatments tailored specifically to her clients needs. 
Erica is a certified esthetician with many years of experience and has taught Esthetics as well. 
As a busy mom of one, she balances her profession with her hobbies and activities which include curling, slow pitch and camping 
Erica looks forward to meeting and treating clients who will appreciate her calm and holistic approach.

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