If you love bread – raise your hand!

Baked fresh in your family kitchen; the scent trailing out and enticing you from the local bakery; the inevitable fresh, warm basket served at most restaurants.  Very few people in the world would tell you that the aroma and taste of bread is something they don’t enjoy or crave at some point.

Sweet, sour, nutty, plain, salty, crusty – it’s ALL so freaking good!

Most of us though, kick bread to the curb the moment we feel we need to cut calories and lose weight.


Is it because your mom, a co-worker or the lady at the supermarket told you it’s bad for you? Have you bought into the “everything gluten free” craze?


Bread is a heavy carb food and should be eaten in moderation, and if it doesn’t fit into your  end goals (i.e.: fat loss) or if you experience food sensitivities,you may still need to eliminate it completely.


How awesome is it if you CAN keep bread in your diet!?

I get asked by EVERY single client of mine (after they’ve already demonized bread in some way) if I eat bread, and if I do (which I def do) what type of bread I eat.

My favourite bread and stored 4 loafs deep in my freezer is:

Cobs Sourdough breadUnknown

and Sunflower Flax Sourdough bread sunflowerflax_loaf_354x230

My reasons for choosing the bread initially were nothing more than it has less simple sugar in it, and it tastes AH-MAZING. I snacked on a PB sandwich and peppermint tea almost every night when I was pregnant with Hazel.  Come to think of it, I lived on grilled PB sandwiches when I was pregnant with Uriah too!  Turns out – I was making a pretty good choice without even knowing it!

Not all sourdough is made the same.  Sourdough bread is bread that is leavened using a sourdough culture containing wild yeasts and bacteria. The yeast that can be bought in small packages and jars at the store is commercial yeast . It is one strain of yeast, raised because it is really great for making bread quickly consistently. A sourdough culture will probably contain many different strains of yeast, and several types of bacteria. While an envelope of commercial yeast is innumerable copies of one organism, a sourdough culture is a diverse ecosystem. Because of this, sourdough breads have a more complex flavor and texture than breads made with commercially available yeast.

 But guess what! There are other reasons to choose sourdough bread over other types such as plain white, 12 grain or whole wheat.  Here is a fantastic link that put it together so perfect for me – I didn’t need to rewrite it http://cookusinterruptus.com/blog/?p=4245

If you want to know if and how you can include bread in your diet, stay tuned and we will begin our chats about macronutrients and how to track your macros to suit your daily life! Ciao

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