Yep – you read it right.  I CHEATED! On my diet, my elimination diet.   I totally just caved and cheated.

You see, I had a bunch of zucchini that needed to be used so I made some muffins.  Not like these were sugary, unhealthy muffins.  Quite the opposite.  They are gluten free, have no refined sugar or dairy.  So they come pretty close to being OK for current restrictions, but because they have apple and honey(sugars) it it – they are a no fly zone.

But I ate one anyways and it was AMAZING!  Click here for the recipe and many others from PaleOMG (Juli Bauer) http://paleomg.com/zucchini-apple-spice-muffins/


And you know what – I will NOT be sitting around for the rest of the evening feeling guilty.  I will also not binge further figuring I ruined my 14 day stretch and might as well toss all my hard work out the window.

I’m going to get a big glass of water.  I’m going to have a nice hot, relaxing bath.  And I’m going to sleep tight and wake up in the  morning ready to continue with the diet as I should.

Because that’s the only way to make sure that I reach my goal of healing my skin!

Guilt, anxiety, any negative feelings or emotions have no place in our lives when it comes to food.  If we get derailed, we need to look at the big picture and realize that one meal, one day, even one week does not need to get in the way of us reaching our goals.

We must stop seeing food as a crutch and start using it as a tool.  It’s the bricks and mortar of the house we want to build and live in.  Our diet is our blueprint and needs to be thought out and designed to ensure our success.

In my free Quick Guide to Eating for Success, I’ll teach you how to create your plan and step by step build the diet to lead to the health & physique your looking for.  Click HERE to sign up for my email list get it today.

As always – I’m here to support you and answer your questions.

Christy xo

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