I started working out waaaayyy back in high school.  I am from a small town (was a small town, now it’s a “city”) and when the gym opened, my dad took me down and showed me around.  He then said he would pay for my membership if I wanted one.

I jumped at the opportunity and started going right away.  One of the staff took me through and showed me the equipment and put me on a basic program.  I LOVED lifting weights right away, and my love for the gym took off from there.

Working out and being active has never been a problem for me since then.  In my 20’s I would  even go 2x a day and I quickly found that I loved classes and after being “that girl” in the step, kickboxing or hi-lo class, I decided to get my aerobic instructor cert.  I fell in love with teaching step and had a few mentors show me the magic and guide me to being a killer step instructor.  But after a few years, I fell into  my old career in oil & gas, and I stopped teaching.

About 4 years ago, I saw a girl at the gym doing these crazy high box jumps.  I couldn’t believe she made it look so easy and I quickly asked her where she learned to do it.  She gave me the name of a club and I went straight home and checked it out.  What I also found out was that a girl I had grew up with went there! YAY! Right away, I messaged her and asked her about it. She encouraged me to come by and I booked an appointment to check it out  It was my first intro into Crossfit.   I was exposed to a whole other level of working out; an intensity that I’d never experienced and LOVED.  It fueled my competitive side and high energy personality.   It humbled me for sure – the level of athleticism was so  incredible.

Oh, and by the way, the majority of the most impressive athletes in my club, are women and moms.  So hell ya to girl power!

After a year of going 3x a week to these high intensity workouts,  and working out on my own 2-3x a week, I realized, that you would never know I worked out as hard as I did.  I wasn’t lean, you couldn’t see much definition in my muscles (except, my legs, thanks mom and dad for that)

I had come SO far in my training; I had begun to lift weights and perform technical lifts I had never done.  My cardio was getting better and better each week.  I was taking part in the Crossfit Open workouts which are to me, even now, still intimidating.   I was so proud of everything I had accomplished in the gym, and I wanted it to be reflected in my physique.  I wanted to be leaner, have more definition in my arms (always a struggle for me) and as most people, I wanted a leaner midsection.  This picture was taken on a cruise we took 2013 – my before macros:426380_10152588080390510_471278202_n

What was I doing wrong?

Before you come at me with comments – I certainly do not look horrible in that picture.  But neither was it reflecting my commitment in the gym.

I had pretty much tried everything.  I mean, let’s be real about all the crap you can find out there telling you what’s good and what’s bad.

Fats are bad, fats are good. Sugar is bad, sugar is good.  Meat will give you cancer, you should only eat raw food.  It’s completely mind boggling and bullshit because let’s face it – we are not all the same!! We are all different, our bodies react to food differently and therefor, one size does not fit all!!

I ended up so pissed off and defeated because I could never make it stick, the dieting made me more anxious and obsessed about what I was eating, and I found my workouts suffering because I wasn’t eating enough or eating the right things before hand.

And honestly – looking back; I have NO clue how I stumbled upon macros.  I CAN tell you, that thank f**king goodness I did because it changed the way I viewed food, it changed my physique and it changed my performance the gym.

However, once I started tracking my food, it wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped.  I didn’t have anyone coaching me telling me that I needed to eat MORE because I was training so hard. (way way more! you would be surprised at home much we can eat if we are training and being active enough!)  I didn’t have anyone at that point coaching me on how to be a detective for my own body and what signs to watch for (is my Hunger in check? Are my Energy levels where I need them? Am I Craving foods I shouldn’t?).   I didn’t have anyone except Myfitnesspal telling me that I should be eating 1200 calories a day.  I look at that now and it makes me cry thinking of my past very very hungry (hangry) self!

I also didn’t have anyone helping me understand that our nutrition and fitness is never linear and what works one day, may not work the next and we have to learn how to be flexible and intuitive about how our body is working and feeling.  A large chunk of my success is thanks to having daily support from my best friend, sending her pics of my food, talking about how my diet was making me feel, sending her bathroom selfies each week showing my progress.  Support and encouragement is such a huge part of this journey, no one should ever do it alone!

I remember one conversation her and I had about how my fat loss had stalled and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing any results.  I had stopped tracking my food every day because I had gotten comfortable with the process, and I talked her through my diet and made the comment that I had cut out most of my fruit in an attempt to cut my sugar.  At the end of the chat, she told me that I had just confessed to eating about 5 servings of fruit that day.

And somehow I just wasn’t cluing in to that.

I was also still having dairy every day (I’m a big Starbuck latte girl) and thus consuming sugar there too.

Without her support and honest feedback, I may have been stuck longer than I was.  I realized I had to get back to tracking my food daily if I was going to continue to see results.  I reduced my fruit, wiped out dairy almost entirely, and BAM!

My physique began to change almost immediately and I reached my goal I had set for myself.

I felt on top of the world! I got comments from friends and family on my physique, people in public started commenting on my body (in a positive encouraging way) and I finally felt like all the blood sweat and tears I was pouring into my workouts was finally reflected in my strong, healthy, fit body.  I felt BAD ASS!! I looked it too.  Here’s my “after” macros picture – by far the best my body has ever looked in my opinion.


Then I got pregnant!! HAHA!

Did I track my food while I was pregnant? YES!  (I’ll address that in another email.)

Did I track my food postpartum? YES! (I’ll DEF address this again, because it’s not as simple)

Do I track my food now? NO! Because I’m happy and satisfied with my body (which BTW is an incredible place to be, and my hope is that you all will be here with me one day soon!)

Me today 🙂 

Point is – tracking my food and understanding macros gave me so much freedom in my diet and led me to so much success, that it’s one of the best “ah-ha!” coaching tools I have in my arsenal.


And every day I guide and educate my ladies in the Empowerfit Exclusive Coaching Community(E2C2)  on how to make macros work for them and how to combine this new, exciting knowledge with fun and intense workouts, and best of all support from the best girl gang around.

E2C2 is currently accepting new members – but only until February 5th!

If you are tired of “doing everything right” and now seeing changes, or lost in that hamster wheel of failed diets – then get your butt in the club NOW and I’ll show you exactly what to do!

Before you know it, you’ll be showing off your Before & Afters!


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