Moms Return To Training Playbook (freemium)

is a one of a kind, FREE resource for you, a mom returning to exercise. Learn the truth about diastasis, pelvic floor function and how easy it is to be strong after babies.

""THIS IS EXCITING! Such a well done piece Christy! I am sharing tagging flagging bragging about you and the message." ~ Testimonial from Jennifer D.

Video instruction for Self Assessing Diastasis

A Full Workout with 6+ scalable exercise options

Tips on how & when to retun to running safely

Video tutorials for one of my fave core exercises

5 must needed strategies on how to choose the right exercises and movement for you

Game changing Pelvic Floor education

 Step by step instruction on the Core Connection Breath technique

How to train if you're experiencing Leaking and/or Prolapse

  •  What exercises are safe? 
  •  How can I assess and heal my diastasis?
  •  When can I begin running again?
  •  What if I leak during exercise?
  •  I'm scared I'm doing it wrong