December 2 – 11, 2019

#Mombody Mpowered


Feeling lost or disconnected from your body after babies? Questioning what’s best or safe for YOU at this stage of postpartum?

I GET IT.  And after having babies – the struggle is REAL. POSTPARTUM IS FOREVER and our bodies deserve real, educated guidance to remain resilient and strong.

There is an ocean of myths and poor information out there when it comes to what’s ‘best’ for moms, but this FREE 10-DAY PROGRAM will make it easy for you to sort through the BS and figure out what YOU need.

I’m here to help every step of the way,  provide guidance and support, designed to leave you feel confident & knowledgeable about how to start your return to fitness postpartum!


  • You are a new mom or experienced MOM still trying to figure out her body after babies
  • Unsure of what’s best or safe for YOU at this stage of postpartum
  • You have questions or concerns about diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • You want to feel strong and capable to handle the demands of motherhood
  • You need a program that is simple and effective and doable from home (or gym)

10 day free postpartum program

are you ready for

mombody mpowered?

 With this FREE 10-day online, intro program you’ll be able to understand where/how to start, get helpful exercises and movement tips and guidance for the first steps for returning to training postpartum. For mothers at all stages of motherhood and all fitness levels!

 Learn how to consider your personal habits and tendencies, connect to your pelvic floor and build awareness of postpartum risk, strengthen your core & glutes, build a positive postpartum mindset, and build YOUR personal strategy.

I’ll teach you about movement patterns, start laying a foundation for consistency, how to apply your personal strategy built in reconnect, and boost your confidence.

Improve strength, build intensity with evolving awareness & consideration for personal strategy, start looking at how to progress towards movements involving impact.

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