What if you had a one stop shop filled with inspiration, fitness, educated advice and everything you need so you can enjoy every stage of motherhood – without limits?

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Frustrated and searching for a better way to train you mind, body & soul as a MOM?

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re always exhausted and searching for more in life than just being the resident snack bi%ch, taxi driver, tutor, housekeeper, snot wiper, pack mule, healer and teacher?

You want to exercise but your body feels foreign, broken – like it’s let you down. You don’t know which exercises are ‘best’ for you right now and are worried about injury and long term risk?

You want to be happier but you feel like you’re constantly weighed down by all the responsibilities on your shoulders and wish there was someone to support you and give you direction.

You wonder where all your friends went and wish there was someone you could talk too openly about all the shit you are experiencing as a mom.

You love your kids and being a mom but always feel SO LIMITED by the constant to do list and expectations. 


Aint no hood like Motherhood and sometimes you just need to know that you’re not in it alone. Amiright?  To know that there is someone you can turn to to talk candidly about topics that affect us all, like peeing when we sneeze, sleepless nights, feeling lost in our new identity and surviving the highs and lows that only a mother can feel.

Have you ever wished there was somewhere you could go to understand the changes your body experiences during pregnancy & postpartum and get evidence based coaching and advice?

Do you need someone to help you navigate the physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster we seem to live on after kids?

20% OFF – Use Code “LIFE20”

You deserve to conquer that balance between #momsohard and taking care of yourself as a woman.


To feel energetic, strong and self-assured in a body that has created life and gives so much every day.

But often the journey you embark on during pregnancy and postpartum can leave you feeling: OVERWHELMED – ANXIOUS – DRAINED.


Mama, it really doesn’t matter if you are 10min, 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 years post birth.  I believe that postpartum is forever, and every women deserves quality care, information and support through conception, pregnancy and beyond.

I know how it feels to lose yourself in motherhood and wake up one day not knowing who you are or who’s body you are in. 

I know how it feels to navigate depression, anxiety and exhaustion, while trying to put on a happy, brave face for those who need us.

Fitness is a big part of my survival kit, but learning how pregnancy and postpartum changed my body was KEY to figuring out how to love it again.


     Exclusive, member only access to:
  • My signature Train Like A Mother program that encompasses fitness and exercise coaching specific to every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.  I’ve broken it out simply so you know where to go and what to do during Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond.
  • Core strategies that I use in every coaching scenario to empower you with confidence.
  • Evidence based discussions and candid talks about common issues we experience like urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti and more.
  • Video library and PDF print outs for all workouts and movement demos.
  • Interviews with women’s health professionals.
  • A vast recipe vault.
  • Printable worksheets and tools to help you focus, commit and learn.
  • Goal setting, inspiration and motivation for all aspects of daily living.
  • Access to a private Facebook community to share, uplift and bond with other moms.
  • Resources from my vast network of experts in pre & postnatal health.

“I just wanted to thank you for the Motherhood Must Haves club.  It has been so helpful to get a weekly email that feels like it asks and answers the questions I should have and didn’t even know I had. Questions about what to expect or what to do to manage this journey of motherhood, my body, exercise, etc. I especially like the workouts you add at the bottom.  I highly recommend them to everyone!!” ~ Charlene

Charlene S.

“I love Empowerfit’s weekly Motherhood Must Haves club content. Christy has a unique way of blending her (very raw and real!) personal stories with proven research and her professional experience as a pre/postnatal coach. I love the printable resources, worksheets and videos she offers in each email — they help me put her tips into action right away.”

Andrea N.

How would it feel to have all your questions answered? Even the ones you didn’t know you had!

That no matter what you were experiencing, you knew you could ask and get support WITHOUT judgement?

What if you could get the tools you need to be strong, confident and HAPPY, without having to spend the money on an entire team of professionals?



Here’s a quick peek of some of the tools I send out each to my club members ⬇️

Will you be in the facebook community?

Absolutely! I’m a mom too and need support as much as the next person! I thrive because I have women like you who are willing to be a part of this community. I’ll be posting, sharing and answering questions in the group often.

you mentioned workouts. are they home based workouts?

As a fitness professional I love sharing workouts with you! All of them are home based and you’ll learn through my core strategies how to feel amazing in your body after babies.

Is there a minimum commitment to my subscription?

No! You can cancel your subscription at anytime.


No! My goal is to empower women at all stages of motherhood. Meaning preconception too! The more you know going into this, the better!

Hey Mama, I’m Christy Amason!

Mom-In-Charge at Empowerfit, and guiding force in your postnatal journey.
As a mom of two with over 15 years in the fitness biz, I’ve got oodles of education and experience to deliver quality pre & postnatal personal training.

My goal is to be your one-stop shop for exercise, nutrition, and mindset, allowing you to heal, restore strength and embody everything you envision your ultimate health to be.

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