If you’ve been following my social media lately, you may have seen me take this little journey down Yoga lane. It’s been pretty entertaining and made me realize that so many of you feel the same way about yoga – that it’s just really not our thing, but we feel like we need to do it.

We have aches and pains.
We have stiff muscles and joints.
We don’t move well in or out of the gym.
And we find it intimidating and inconvenient to go to a class.

Do you have those friends too that are always saying “oh just come and try it! You’ll love it!” Uh-huh, me too.

So how do we make yoga work for us? How do we convince ourselves that it feels good, it works and it can be added to our already hectic day to day lives?

The past month has taught me a lot about how to make yoga my own so I’ve put together,

My top 5 tips to make Yoga – Your-ga…..

1. Stop thinking of it as actual yoga. Because as soon as I think yoga, I see it as graceful, super bendy people that can breath softly and find their inner peace. Instead, just start to see it for what it is; movement. And we all can do movement. In some form or another.

2. Find a spot in your home that makes you want to flow. Oddly enough this was in my living room, on a cozy carpe, in front of a big bay window. Which room or space makes you feel comforted or energized?

3. Play music that you enjoy! Anything goes, cause it’s YOUR flow. From Zen to Led Zepplin, it’s your choice.

4. Get comfortable with being ungraceful and imperfect. You’re in your own home and no one is there to laugh when you fall over, look ridiculous, or worse – fart!

5. Do yourself a favour and get Neghar Foononi’s Wildfire Yoga program. It’s twenty-one short flows (5-10 mins max.) that are simple and designed so that literally everyone can do them.

If you want to feel better – this is your program.

Do you want to move better and lose the snaps and pops? Then Wildfire is your program.

When you need something short and to the point – you guessed it, Wildfire is the perfect solution. 

Did I mention we can do all our flows at home? (or anywhere for that matter)

Yoga doesn’t need to be intimidating and inconvenient.  It can be whatever you want it to be, and realizing that is the first step towards feeling better and enjoying something new.

Do yourself the favour and check out all the details and pick up the program HERE today for $47 and start hastaging #wildfireyoga on the daily!

until next time,

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