Ok so this just happened – I was having a fabulous morning.  I coached an amazing class at 9am, went to the greenhouse and did my part to help the environment by buying lady bugs for pest control (no pesticides here!) and then picked up Uriah from school early and went to my grandparents for lunch.

The lunch date was last minute.  My sister text me yesterday to let me know she was going, and I had clients booked so I declined.  Then one client cancelled, and I managed to reschedule my other morning client to the afternoon so I could go! We don’t see my grandparents as often as we should and I am so pleased that I managed to get to go.  We ate a little food, had a great chat and most of all my gramma got to see her great-grandkids.  It was awesome.


I looked at my phone and saw a text from my friend telling me she was on her way to my place.  For our lunch date.  That I had forgot about.

HOLY CRAP!!!  I feel awful.  I feel embarrassed.  I feel like a total jerk.

Obviously I did not intend to forget or ruin my friends day; which she so nicely rearranged so she could actually come over for lunch.  I would never do that to anyone, let alone a friend.  FRICK!!  I was absent minded, and most of all got caught up in my own little world and neglected to put enough thought and priority on my date with my friend.  Worst – feeling – ever.

Now a days we get so caught up in our routines and habits, that when something is out of the norm, we can glaze over the importance of it. And in my case, forget about it completely.  Sometimes – more often than we probably think we need to – we need to take a step back, remove our blinders, and take a moment to really absorb what is going on in our world and the world of those that we care for.

Am I letting all the little stuff control my life, becoming more important than they need to be? Are we neglecting our own health because we couldn’t possibly add more to our plates? Are we using being “busy” as an excuse not to take 20 minutes a day (out of the 1440 we have!) to care for ourselves and make us feel whole?

Am I getting what I need each day to be the best mom, wife, friend, pet owner?  Take a hard look at what makes us happy, content & peaceful.  Whether it be physical activity, meditation, family time, shopping, cooking – if it makes you happy then we must make it a priority to get enough of it each day/week to keep us sane.

Are my loved ones truly getting the time, love and respect they deserve from me? Are the little things taking up all our time and causing us to miss out on precious time with the important people in our lives? Do we constantly forget about things that we normally would never forget?

I know from personal experience that the small stuff can overwhelm you and swallow you whole.  Our lives can become so hollow and lost in what seems like a blink of an eye, if we don’t take that second in time to STOP, engage and be aware of what is really important.

Our lives are built on habits.  We’ve developed all of them; no matter how great or small; over a lifetime.  And you can’t change them over night.  But you can change your awareness and start taking the steps you need to be whole, healthy and happy today.

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