One thing I truly love about my job, is being able to EMPOWER moms to put the power of their bodies back in their hands by teaching them how to assess, understand and take action when they are experiencing symptoms.  To help women feel and be aware of what is happening in their #mombod and teaching skills that can be applied in day to day life AND the gym. So often, we feel disconnected from our body after babies and may even feel like our body has failed us, or is broken.  While this couldn’t be further from the truth,  it’s a common experience that many of us share during pregnancy and postpartum.  The demands on our bodies as mothers are intense and if we are experiencing symptoms like leaking (urinary incontinence), pain or prolapse (experienced as heaviness or bulging in the pelvis/vagina), it may begin to impact all aspects of our life and eventually wear down our physical and emotional well being.

In today’s blog, I’m going to walk you through the first TWO steps towards regaining your confidence and power in your pregnant or postpartum body.

YOU READY?? Ya me too 🙋

🥇First things first! In order for us to introduce any new strategy to our lives, we need to know WHAT we already do and HOW we do it! Meaning – if you don’t know what your habits or tendencies are in your routine, then how will you know what to change? Think about it, when was the last time you thought about how you stand or squat, walk or carry things? Most of us don’t think about moving, we just move.  We don’t think about how we pee or poop, we just do it!  
Our body is naturally resistant to change,  even if it means that the way we are currently doing things may eventually cause  injury, pain or other symptoms.    It’s up to us to be aware of our natural habits and tendencies so that we can recognize how we can implement change to create the desired outcome.  Make sense? 
WHERE TO BEGIN?  Use THIS WORKSHEET to start dissecting how you move, how you breath, how you do you! And then start slowly, to add more variety in to your life and reap the benefits!

🥈Time to FIND YOUR FENCE. This strategy is my fave because it’s something you can do on your own, but also, many of my clients see a reduction in symptoms right away and watching their faces light up never gets old.   If you are symptomatic (pain, leaking pee, pressure/heaviness in the pelvis) and find that certain movements make the symptom worse, then this strategy is for you.  If you’ve been avoiding certain movements/activities, then girl, be ready to be liberated!!

When you learn how to find your fence, you are learning how to teach your body how to adapt to the stress of the activity you wish to do.  We do this by finding our current symptoms free range (test and retest) and then we RESPECT those fences. However, we don’t just stay away from the fence entirely. We learn how to gently LEAN on the fence, to allow our body to adapt to greater demands.  Thus, reducing symptoms.  ➡️ WATCH THIS VIDEO now for more on this strategy.⬅️

Regardless if you are symptomatic or not, knowing your body and being in tune with ‘how you do you’ is important to also reduce future risks for injury and symptoms.  It also allows us to be an advocate for our body in a world where doctors and practitioners are quick to bury us under their beliefs and biases based on their experiences.

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Christy xo

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