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Guess what.  I haven’t worked out in over a week.

Which for me, is a lot of time to do NOTHING.  I haven’t walked much, I haven’t lifted, I have been stretching, foam rolling and doing self care exercises – but no working out.

Partly because I have been sick, my kids have been sick.  But also because I really  just didn’t feel like making it a priority.

The world didn’t end.  I didn’t gain any weight.  My clothes don’t fit tighter. 

And honestly, I feel awesome.  I haven’t had any feelings of guilt, because for me – I don’t see working out as a way to justify how I look or to try to fit into my clothes better.  99% of the time anyways.

I workout because I enjoy it.  I enjoy the rush of adrenaline, the feeling of HELL YA when the workout flows and I know I’m getting stronger and more capable with every squat, burpee, pull-up, whatever.  I love the community when I workout at my local gym.  I love the comfort of my home gym where I can crank whatever music I want and have my kids around watching me taking care of my body.  I thrive off the friendly competition between myself and girls in my coaching group and other ladies in the gym.

Fitness is so much more to me than fitting into a pair of pants, having a flat tummy or being “skinny” (loathe that word)

Yes, I take pride in my defined arms.  I love showing off my muscular legs.  And I’ll flex for you pretty much anytime! Not because it’s important for me to look a certain way (although it used to be that way) , it’s because I work hard to be strong and mobile and functional.  I learned that when we focus on improving our health and set goals and higher standards for ourselves that don’t make fat loss #1 priority – then all the exterior stuff just happens.

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When my focus changed from losing my fat rolls to being faster and perform lifts with better technique – guess what – my physique changed and my mental outlook on my body improved. Because I wasn’t stressing out about how I looked, instead i was focused and excited to take on the next challenge thrown at me and to beat my personal bests.

This isn’t something that happens overnight.  And it (unfortunately) doesn’t happen with minimal effort.

There is no sure fire recipe for fat loss, muscle gain, small waists and jiggle free thighs.

There is however, a way to get 100% success in feeling more confident, becoming stronger,  and LOVING your body, regardless it’s shape or size.

  • Ditch the diet in lieu for realistic and mindful eating.  Work within your families parameters and make food that makes sense for you, but incorporate as much  healthy components as you can and adjust portion sizes as needed.
  • Stop seeing the gym as the only source of exercise and find an activity that makes you happy and most importantly makes your body feel good and powerful.
  • Love your damn self! Do you want your time on earth to be remembered as “oh she was always so skinny” or “she was great, and those thighs!”  NO.  You want to be remembered as a loving wife, mom, girlfriend, sister, or daughter.  You want to be remembered for your laugh and carefree vibrance that makes everyone around you want to be more like you.
  • Be patient with yourself.  Whatever you can do now to improve your health is good enough.  Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to keep up with others or feeling “behind” because you can’t commit to more.  Give yourself a break and realize doing the small things are better than nothing at all.

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