Ever since I started this journey as a mom-prenuer and coach to some serious bad ass women, it’s be CRAZY!  I seem to fill my time with more things than I can handle, adjusting to being a stay at home mom has been a struggle, and building my business has totally kept me on my toes.

As a coach, the impression I get from others a lot is that I must workout every damn day.  I’m here to tell you that that is completely not true.

In fact, right now, I usually only workout 3 times a week.

If our day to day stresses are high enough (and as women/moms this is typically the case) then we do not want to stress the body even more by working out too often and too intense.  Maintaining a positive Cortisol level in our body (commonly referred to as the ‘stress hormone’) is an important part in losing fat, strengthening muscle and also in getting a good nights sleep.

When I do workout – it’s balls to the walls, hard as I can go, leaving nothing on the floor to use up when I’m done.  I’m sweating, panting, and feeling AWESOME.  That’s how I like to do it, that’s how my gym mates do it, and it motivates me to keep doing it.  Working out this way also gives me the physical results I want without having to workout 5/6 days a week.

Could I workout more? Yep.  Are there goals I’d like to reach that need more commitment at the gym? Hmm, some I suppose.  I’d really like to learn how to snatch properly (cause I’ve DEF lost my ability to do that correctly somehow) I’d really like to learn how to properly kip my pull-ups, increase my power clean weight – but they don’t matter enough right now for me to take extra time to work at it.  When the time is right, I’ll get around to it.

For now – I’m content and satisfied with my life/gym balance.  I’ll even go as far as to tell you WHY I think it’s best that I’m not spending a bunch of time working out.  Listen up:

  • When I’m not at the gym, I’m being PHYSICALLY ACTIVE in my daily routine – If your following me on FB and IG already, you have seen my posts about riding my bike, walking with my daughter or my dog.  Last week I lifted and moved about 25 large rocks and shovelled and placed a cubic yard of dirt in IMG_3735my yard.  Moving your body, getting outdoors, and staying
    is sometimes even BETTER than going to the gym.  Most of us also feel a sense of calm and relaxation working in the yard, walking/running, playing frisbee or catch.  Movement is great and the mental health benefits it also provides us make it my #1 choice for not going to the gym.
  • Life gets in the way – I know many people will tell you, “doesn’t matter what’s going on, you gotta commit to your workout!” And as a mom, business owner, helper to others and all around busy body, I can tell you that sometimes we just have to say SCREW IT, and do something else.  If we’re feeling tired, stressed, our kids have a million commitments, our IMG_3796hubby works out of town – there are a million reasons.  Then maybe, it’s time to just take a down day.  Now I’m not telling you that every day you can use this as an excuse or scapegoat for not sticking to a routine, BUT, I am saying that there needs to be a balance, and if skipping the gym is what’s best for our body and mind, then DO IT.
  • Aches, Pains and Fatigue –  Have you ever had someone tell you “oh man my back has been sore for weeks” or “I hurt my leg a couple weeks back, but can’t let that stop me!”  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t quite right.  And if we’ve been working out to the max, and that nagging pain, ache or fatigue just isn’t going away, then gee golly, maybe we should take a rest.  Indulge in a massage, check in with your chiropractor or physiotherapist.  We need to care for our bodies in a gentle way, the same way we would beat it up in the gym.  It’s the only body we have and if we neglect the warning signs, we can end up with injuries that linger and can hinder us from doing the things we love.

Now excuse me while I head off to bed so I can rest up for my morning workout 😉

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