September 9th thru october 16th

Face the Fitness 6 WEEK challenge

Tired of making excuses? ready to live your best life? have more energy? love your body? make yourself a priority?

Time to face the fitness

Listen, we could talk all day about the things in our life that deter us from making fitness, a healthy diet and self care a priority, but why waste any more time?  Life is ALWAYS  going to throw a wrench in our ability to make our health a priortity, so it’s time to FACE THE FITNESS and recognize that it’s our life, and we are ultimately in control.

You want results? You have to put in the time. 

You want to see change? You have to commit.

You want this lifestyle? Show us how bad you want it. 

For 6 weeks, Jill is going to guide 12 lucky women through the steps they need to achieve fulfillment with their health & wellness.  Using the power of community and group workouts, personalized nutrition and some tough love (when needed), these women will achieve things they never thought possible. Both in the gym and out.

Here’s what you get:

  • 60 min. Guided group workouts twice a week for 6 weeks (suitable for all stages of life, including postpartum)
  • Additional home based workout challenges
  • Customized macro calculations and meal guide w/ recipes
  • Weekly check ins to track progress and make results a reality
  • Private Facebook community to enhance your experience & accountability while creating new friendships
  • Wrap up party with prizes, gift bags and shopping with local vendors

We don’t expect perfection.  We expect you to to love yourself enough to do your best, trust in us (your coaches) to guide you towards your goals. 



Jill is a CSEP certified personal fitness training with a specialization in corrective exercise. She completed her schooling at the Northern Alberta Institute or Technology (NAIT) is currently working on my Holistic Nutrition Certification to better serve her clients.

Since a young age Jill has had a strong interest in sports, the outdoors and all activities that kept her moving. She loves seeing people reach their goals, have success in their lives and be the best versions of themselves they can be. Living a healthy lifestyle truly is her passion and she hopes to share that with as many people as she possibly can while helping them reach their goals.

You can expect to:

Challenge your beliefs about fitness & nutrition

Build strength & improve function

Create healthier habits and consistency 

Get results and love your body

“Finally a challenge that embraces women of all stages of life and respects a female body and mindset”


Christy is the owner of Empowerfit and has over 15+ years experience in fitness & wellness. Christy specializes in pregnacy & postpartum fitness, pelvic health and empowering women to challenge their beliefs and biases towards their own health to breakthrough the BS and get results!


Make a Change

are you ready to do this the right way?

At Empowerfit we don’t believe in promoting a diet culture or an environment where women feel they need to change their body in pursuit of happiness.  We want you to feel like a badass no matter what your body looks like and support you to fuel your body with food and exercise in a way that benefits your long term health and wellness.  So if you are looking for a program that encourages restrictive or guilt driven behaviours, this isn’t the challenge for you.


into the challenge at one time.  We want to give you the ultimate coaching experience and only want women who are as dedicated to this journey as we are.

Apply now and tell us why you NEED to be a part of this 6 week challenge!


Do In need exercise expereience?

Exercise experience is not a requirement.  Having 2 coaches on hand in a small group setting, allows us to teach technique and make you feel confident.

Is there a membership fee?

No! You do not have to be a member of our studio to enrol in the Face The Fitness challenge. You will be given a special discount to join at the end of the challenge should you want to stay!

I have an injury; can we work around that?

Depends on the injury. We encourage you to put as much detail in your application so that we can do our best to make the challenge work for you.  Always get a doctors clearance for any significant injuries prior to committing to a fitness challenge.

If i have dietary restrictions, will the nutrition component still work for me?

Our goal through the nutrition component is to allow you the freedom to eat what you love, without restriction.  We will educate you on how much to eat based on your activity level, goals, etc. and how to adjust based on varying factors.  Your dietary restrictions should not affect this in any way, but please detail your info on your application. 

what is the cost of the challenge?

Early Bird pricing $349 + gst

Regular pricing $399 + gst 

This includes a swag bag, prizes and a wrap up celebration at the end of the 6 weeks!


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