This weekend I decided to set my alarm for an hour earlier so that I could get up and get some work done before the kids wake up.  Building a business, being a wife & mom, training clients, new puppy, getting my workouts in – it all leads to a very hectic schedule.  When my alarm went off Monday morning, hubs was extremely puzzled to see me crawl outta bed any sooner than I had to.  Nonetheless I got up and proceeded downstairs to get my morning rolling.

Here is how I expected my extra hour to flow: make a tea, figure out the food situation, log on to my laptop and start checking off my to do list.  I expected to be productive; I expected to be efficient; I expected to GSD (get shit done).  Which is the absolute farthest thing from what ACTUALLY happened.  To my dismay.  Let me this for you what really went down:

  1. let dog out
  2. start kettle for tea and prep mug
  3. let dog in
  4. pour tea – ahhhhh
  5. realize dog went downstairs – and pooped
  6. clean up said poop
  7. check FB/IG (don’t judge)
  8. attempt to make breakfast – wash dishes needed to do so
  9. breakfast is about done, computer is logged on, awesome
  10. breakfast is done and cue baby crying in bedroom (are you kidding me!?)
  11. get baby, change baby, feed baby
  12. reheat breakfast
  13. wake up Uriah while food reheats
  14. feed Uriah, check FB/IG (yes I’m easily distracted by social media)
  16. um, wasn’t there a reason I got up and hour earlier???

As you can see, my morning was NOTHING  like I had expected it to be.  And I was frustrated as h-e-double hockey sticks.  If I couldn’t make use of an extra hour in the morning to GSD, then what was the point?!  Has anyone else ever felt this way? Expected something to go a certain way only to have it go sideways and then throw up our hands in defeat!?  If you haven’t,  please let me know what colour the sky is in your world and I’d love to come visit one day. 😉

This whole six ring circus of an hour reminded me of something I’m sure we’ve all experienced at some point in the gym.  We get to the gym, expecting our workout to be on point, feel like a million bucks, hit PR’s left/right/centre, and walk outta there with swagger for days!   And then…..this happens:

  1. we get injured or our bodies just aren’t responding as we hoped
  2. we forgot our shoes/sports bra/headphones
  3. someone was hogging our equipment
  4. we didn’t have a plan and we are floundering around not sure what to do
  5. someone next to us has a rocking physique and we all of a sudden feel awkward and inadequate

I don’t know about you, but I feel frustrated just looking at the list! We’ve all been there, and we have all experienced the feelings of disappointment, agitation, failure, ANGER.  So – what can we do to lower our expectations and instead anticipate what could go wrong and move past these things to ensure we walk out the doors feeling satisfied with what we’ve done?

First things first – stop believing that EVERY single workout is going to be amazing, incredible and perfect.  That is not realistic and we need to remember that we are human and life happens.  Give ourselves a BREAK! As women in todays society, the pressure to always be on point and be perfect is exhausting. It’s not OK to put so much pressure on ourselves to be impeccable and unblemished every damn day.  We need to give ourselves a pat on the back for simply making it to the gym some days!

Second – be prepared.  This goes back to a previous blog where I wrote about having the tools we need to succeed.  If we are always rushing, never have our bags packed ahead of time, don’t have our workout plans handy, forget our food (I could go on with this list forever) then we are setting ourselves up for failure over and over.  A plumber would not go to a job without his tools, and we can’t expect to succeed with our health goes by foregoing our necessary tools.

Third – listen to our body.  Brain fog, body aches, forgetfulness, agitation are all signs our body gives us to let us know that maybe we need to a) modify our workout b) reschedule our workout until we’ve had food, nap, etc. or  c) skip the workout all together.  In past years we were told to “work through it” but if we stop and think about that – doesn’t that make ANY sense? No.

Fourth –  Say this affirmation with me  “I am enough; I have enough; I do enough” Believe it, embrace it, apply it and feel those expectations and frustrations leave your body as you speak the words.

Finally, click HERE to join my exclusive coaching community.  There is no group like it and I promise it’s the support, coaching & fun you need to make sure everything you set your sights on is achieved.  Set your expectations high, and I promise the group (and me!) won’t let you down.  See you there!


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