Empowerfit Client Testimonials!

Cathy V. –  When I started working out with Christy I had the usual goals. I wanted to lose weight and look more like those fitness models on the magazine covers. I hated my giant butt, big tummy, and I always felt ugly. I would hide in the back of a room so that no one would notice me.  While I haven’t lost as much weight this year as some people this year I have lost something else, the fear of being judged and the hatred of my body.  I have discovered what I am capable of and it is so much more than I ever imagined! I know I am strong, no matter what anyone else thinks of my. I know I can get through a tough workout and even sometimes crush it (even if it doesn’t feel that way halfway through ) I have also discovered a group of amazing ladies who offer support and encouragement no matter what.  Christy and this group have changed my life forever. With their support I will keep getting stronger and changing my mindset one day at a time!

Amanda S. –  Power of people!! If your wondering what Iron Maidens can do for you after the challenge I want to tell you what it’s done for me!!I have women to always reach out to, for advice, guidance and support!! Christy gives us great weekly plans and it’s easy to stay focused as your not having to wonder what exercise to do!!
Any questions I do have Christy or someone else in the group answers so quickly!! Iron Maidens, has not only helped me with planning my meals and exercise it has given me valuable knowledge in many other areas, such as pelvic floor issues, self love and care and just all around connection with amazing women!! I look forward to starting this new journey with all of you!! One for all and all for one!!

Jeanne B. –  Christy; I have you to thank for my healthy and fit physique! You are an amazing coach – personable, dedicated and consistent! Thank you for helping me reach my fitness goals, and for sharing your knowledge on healthy eating! I am at my best health ever!
To everyone who is ready to create their ideal health and positive mindset, I highly recommend Christy to be your coach! She is simply the best!!!

Monika M. –  I’m a mom of two wonderful girls… (4.5 yrs and 5 mos) and although I knew that I wanted to ‘get back into things’ after our youngest I also knew I needed to give myself some time to recover from the pregnancy and c-section. But what I didn’t expect was having to heal from diastasis rectii (separation of the abdomen wall) as well. To be honest if it wasn’t for a random conversation with Mary Seaby about postnatal complications… I’m not sure I would have even know I had to heal. My abdomen was sore post a c-section… that’s totally ‘expected’. This time it hurt longer, more and more so generally all over… well second pregnancy (gained quite a bit of weight with both) and I’m not getting any younger – Yup I could totally rationalize that. Enter Christy’s enlightening workshop for moms and our ‘postnatal complications’. Next, started to work with Christy one on one and learned how I can heal but still ‘exercise’. She then designed a safe and progressive (and don’t let me fool you definitely not boring or ‘too easy’) exercise routine. She created a program via an app that I can easily do at home with minimal equipment… yet effective for my needs and… (most importantly) has helped me succeed!Between being able to contact her with any questions and getting the support of the Iron Maidens group I’ve been learning and getting support during struggles with motivation. AND what a great group of positive ladies that are willing to support each others efforts. I know at the end of the day you have to be ready… ready to make a change, ready to put in the effort and do the work. But when you’re ready… Christy and the Iron Maidens group is a great addition to the equation for success.

Mary S. –  I’m still amazed that i am on week 5 (2 times a week) with Christy. This isn’t my first attempt with a trainer. But i can feel and see a difference. The difference for me is that I actually want to do this. I want to be there! The time flies, it is so much fun. It also helps to have the BEST workout buddy. Thank you Christy

Jennifer S. –  I am a mom of two small boys (3.5 and 1.5) who take up a lot of time and energy – but I needed to make a change in my life, for me and them. I hated how I felt, what I saw when I looked in the mirror, and I was just…tired. I’d had previous trainers before between pregnancies, coupled with bouts of eating well – unfortunately nothing stuck or became that lifestyle change I needed. Fast forward a couple years and here I am wanting to give it another shot. I started doing one on one training with Christy and gradually started to feel better. When I lost my job and my grandfather I had to stop training for awhile – but as a somewhat surprise to me she was still there, checking in to see how I was and supporting me. Something seemed to shift in me, knowing she was really in my corner for more then just the sessions we we together. This was when I decided to join the Iron Maidens group – she encouraged me to stay with the healthy habits I had started to develop and use the group as another type of support.
I am certain that because of Christy and the ladies in Iron Maidens group I am still going strong, one day at a time and on track to that healthy person I want to be, for me and my boys. For me, I needed and still need that ongoing support, advice and community that just inspires me to do better everyday. With that I hope you all try out our group or find that thing that works for you!!

Natalie H-M. –  In December last year I found out I had severe high blood pressure. An alarmingly high reading of 220/187 sent my Doctor and I on a mission trying to stabilize and and lower these readings and help make me feel better. Also due to the blood pressure troubles, my husband and I had to put making our family larger on hold to avoid having a stroke.
Christy knew my struggles and told me to come have a chat, receive some tough love and a motivational kick in the pants.
After working with Christy, following her workout plans and tracking my food (With some failings), her motivational challenges and coaching, I was very excited and relieved to find out that I have stabilized my BP and levelled out my resting heart rate. The biggest joy is that we are also allowed to plan on growing our family again!
Without Christy and Empowerfit I would be sitting at home scared and unsure how to do what needed to be done. Christy has pushed me and helped me uncover this version of myself that actually likes working out and enjoys sweating and feeling the burn. And I’ve got a perkier bum to prove it!

Courtney A –  I trained with Christy 2-3 times a week. She is super encouraging and always tries to push you in a positive way, but also understands limits. Going to her space was always fun, and a homey type atmosphere. Christy always has a smile on her face and makes you feel welcome the second you step in the door. Her training plans are seriously effective and kicked ass. I’ve tried gym memberships and every diet fad you can think of, and none of those gave me the results and positive attitude about my body like Christy did. I highly recommend Christy.

Karla – Iron Maidens is a group of women who lead different lives- moms, working ladies, business owners- busy people with busy lives. It is a great place to find support on goals, how to eat, how to track eating, exercise, to be real and share ideas. Best is that it doesn’t matter place or time of day, it is here for you. It is a place I go to several times a day! You can share both your highs and lows without concern of negativity or judgement.

Tracy K. –  Iron Maidens is a community of women who have come together to share their experiences, good and bad, in a safe and fun environment. Christy is an amazing coach and mentor and really strives to teach us how to be strong and better to ourselves. I am learning about better nutrition, better workout strategies and I feel safe in sharing my story.

Amanda L. –  Christy with your nutrition and motivation coaching through the Iron Maidens group you are changing lives, my life, impacting it for the better. I am so grateful. Thank you for creating this awesome community!