My family is filled with baseball fans.  We are Miami Marlins fans  and we watch pretty much every game we can on our computer.  Ben (hubs) is born ‘n bred Floridian and we didn’t move back to Canada until a few years after we were married.  We have our Mac set up in our kitchen so tuning into the games is a family orientated event for us and includes lunch or dinner and cheering for our favourite players.

Uriah has shown from a pretty early age a knack for both hitting and catching a hardball, and he really LOVES to play.  He has shown so much potential in fact, that Ben and I have chosen to not put him in tee-ball or coach pitch ball for fear that he would be bored and end up not liking it.

Of course even with the innate ability to pick up the sport and play like an all-star, he is still only 6 years old.  And that means that every once in a while, he loses focus and either gets smoked by the ball or has a near miss.

Well – last Friday he was destined to meet that ball head on; and he did.  Dead square in between the eyeballs. OUCH!!!

There was blood, there were tears, there were wails that broke my heart not only because he was in pain, but also because he had just learned a golden rule in baseball – KEEP YOUR GLOVE UP!  It took a long time for him to calm down and his emotions to come back to earth.

For the next few days, he was very intimidated and scared to play catch again.  He swore the ball was going to hit him again, and there was no way that he was going to go through that pain again.   So Ben and Uriah made an agreement that they would play catch again, but this time using only a tennis ball. Uriah managed to get his mind wrapped around this and was eager and willing to toss the ball again and quickly forgot about getting a bloody nose.

A similar situation can happen when we go to the gym for the first time (or second, third, fourth time) We can have a less than appealing experience (unexperienced staff, judging stares, mass confusion amongst the equipment); are ya feeling me?

There are a hundred different ways that we have been to the big game, and got a bloody nose.

How many of us have let the bad experiences stop us from getting back under the ball and making the catch of our life? How many of us have let the stares, the lack of  help, and the mass confusion hold us back from trying again and doing something that will help us become stronger, faster, fitter and happier?

It’s always tough to find the courage and the determination to give it another shot when we’ve been made to feel scared, unsure of ourselves or even embarassed.  Here are my top tips to get back into the game:

  1. Hire a trainer! Obviously this is my #1 suggestion to anyone having any reservations about working out.  A trainer can help you in every aspect of your fitness journey and can eliminate most or all of the “scary” parts.  Make sure to do your research, interview your trainer, get recommendations from people you know got results your looking for, and then run with it!
  2. If you’re at a gym, ask to find out if they have any free workshops to introduce newbies to the equipment.  Even if your not a newbie, they may offer some great new information.
  3. Join a class! Spin, Zumba, Strong, Kickboxing – the variety of classes and instructors is never ending and once you find a class you enjoy, you’ll find other participants that have similar interests and motivation.
  4. Get a workout buddy.  Lots of gym goers can be a wealth of knowledge and are willing to pass info along.  Don’t be afraid to ask the girl crushing her HIIT workout for the details and letting her know you’d like to try it.  Want to know how the girl next to got those lean, strong arms? Let her know you love em and she’ll probably be so happy, she’ll be proud to show you a few moves.

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