Because Life is Already Hectic…..

Listen, I know how difficult it is to have to fit one more appointment into our already crazy schedules.  Over and over my clients tell me how overwhelming it can be to have to make time to train away from their usual training spot (home or gym).

As a mom of two, wife, business owner and general social butterfly (one that frequently overbooks herself), the anxiety I feel when trying to add on one more appointment, commitment, anything can be overwhelming. Even though its my job to coach people into a fit lifestyle – I’m also human and I can easily understand why many people shy away from wanting to commit to creating a healthier routine.

Online coaching is the most affordable &

Most efficient way to train with a coach,

See Results and Stay Accountable to any training program.

“I want to let you know that I just killed my workout at the gym and I feel SO good! I owe so much of it to you!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.  You’re so good at what you do! Thank you!” ~ Hailey S. 

You’re probably thinking “this sounds great Christy, but, how the heck does this work?”  

Here’s how:

  • We schedule  a coaching call, so we can determine what you want, what you need & discuss how you envision getting there.  As a team, we create a plan that best suits YOU and move forward from there.
  • I create a workout plan that is individualized to your goals and your exercise preference (gym, home, no equipment, etc.)  You’ll receive a google document link the will connect you to your calendar, workouts & demo videos.
  • Daily accountability texts to help make sure you get those workouts in, meals made and are making the best decisions to achieve your goals.
  • Weekly Check In Emails
  • Programming continues on a month to month basis.  You can expect updated workouts, progressive plans that build on the previous months and new, exciting coaching information (nutrition, recipes, recovery, etc.) each month.
  • Remember, this is a lifestyle, not a fad or quick fix.

I am scared of the gym, and don’t enjoy working out in front of people. Christy was great, she motivated me and showed me just how far you can challenge your body in a short amount of time.  She gave me great workout routines that are easy to do at home. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to get in shape.  Thank you Christy” ~ Jennifer M.

SERIOUSLY! My online coaching program is the

BEST because you get to:

Train with me, no matter your location

Train from home or gym without having to

add in person sessions to your busy schedule

Less costly than in person coaching (saves you money $$)

You can expect to:

  • Be kept accountable each and every day (using daily communication with me, your coach)
  • Boost your self confidence
  • Discover how to eat for health and lose the restrictions of dieting
  • Improve your daily habits for long term success
  • Uncover strengths you never knew you had
Who’s it for?

  • Women that need access to a personal trainer without having to add to her already hectic schedule
  • Women that have tried everything and not seen results
  • Women that need smarter – not harder – workouts that fit their lifestyle
  • Women who desire to feel amazing in their own skin
  • Women that deserve to toss out the guilt and anxiety of dieting

Who’s it not for?

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix, fad, etc.
  • Anyone that has never exercised before
  • Anyone that wants to workout but isn’t interested in nutrition
  • Anyone unwilling to practice mindset and behavior change
  • Anyone not interested in changing their health for the better
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