To the coolest group of women I have the honour of coaching!

In the Iron Maidens coaching club you’ll find women from all walks of life,  putting the tools I provide them each month, into action and forming healthy, exciting lifestyles!  Learning how to workout, fuel their bodies and create positive and confident mindsets.

Christy, with your nutrition and motivation coaching through the group,

you are changing lives, my life, impacting it for the better. I am so grateful.

Thank you for creating this awesome community! ~ Amanda L.

Iron Maidens is a one of a kind, online coaching support system, led by me and made unforgettable by women like YOU, sharing their triumphs & struggles.

Every month you’ll receive:

  1. Exclusive access to our members only Facebook group 
  2. FREE access to a price Members Only portal with bonus content
  3. New challenging & effective workouts each month. Minimal equipment, 30 mins or less.
  4. Video tutorials and a printable PDF’s of all workout routines
  5. Monthly Challenges and exciting ways to keep accountable and motivated
  6. In depth teachings on implementing macros into your lifestyle  (do you have my Quick Guide to Eating for Success yet? Click HERE)
  7. Simple & family friendly recipes shared within the group
  8. Access to all archived workouts for the duration of your membership
  9. Daily coaching by me in via our private Facebook group.


“I am certain that because of Christy and the ladies in group I am still going strong, one day at a time and on track to that healthy person I want to be, for me and my boys.  For me, I needed and still need that ongoing support, advice and community that just inspires me to do better everyday.” ~ Jennifer S.



I’ve been in the fitness industry a LONG time – and I’ve learned through trial, error & continuous eduction, what really truly works.  Being a mom has taught me so much, and made me realize that we can really have it all when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

“Christy…I just wanna say thanks for what you are doing… I’m feeling like I’m getting in shape as opposed to just working out…it’s funny how when you work out a little harder, you naturally focus on eating habits as well – so thanks for all you do!!!” ~ Nadine B.

You can expect to:

  • Be kept accountable and focused
  • Boost your self confidence
  • Learn how to eat for health and lose the restrictions of dieting
  • Improve your daily habits for sustainability
  • Enjoy being active and see it as something fun and not a punishment

Iron Maidens is the newest and most exciting way to train with a coach! It allows you to:

  1. Train with me, no matter your location
  2. Train from home or gym without having to add in person sessions to your busy schedule
  3. Less costly than in person coaching (saves money $$)
  4. Provides you with a community of other women empowering each other EVERY DAY!

Who’s it for?

  • Women that deserve a support system of others that can relate to their journey
  • Women that need access to a personal trainer without having to add to her already hectic schedule
  • Women that have tried everything and not seen results
  • Women that need effective, no nonsense workouts that fit their lifestyle
  • Women who desire to feel amazing in their own skin
  • Women that deserve the freedom to live without restrictions or guilt

Who’s it not for?

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix, fad, etc.
  • Anyone that has never exercised before
  • Anyone that wants to workout but isn’t interested in nutrition
  • Anyone unwilling to practice mindset and behavior change
  • Anyone not interested in changing their health for the better


Q: Do I need access to a gym or equipment for the workouts?

A: Most of the workouts I’ll provide can be done with little to no equipment.

Access to dumbbells and/or bands will help increase the intensity of the workouts and show greater results!

Q: Do I need previous experience to be able to complete the workouts?

A: It’s preferred that you have a previous exercise knowledge and can confidently perform the techniques.

However, I’ll provide instructions in the videos on how to modify if required.

Q: Is there a minimum commitment for Iron Maidens memberships?

A: No! You can cancel your membership at anytime.

 Q: How do I get access to the content? 

A: You’ll receive a welcome email from Christy with instructions after subscribing.  It will have all the details you need to get started!!