We love to entertain and have our friends to our home.  Having a crowd, lots of chatter and a general buzz of activity around our home or yard is something that Ben and I have always thrived on.  Both of us are social butterflies and we are frequently the first to chime in and offer up our place as the gathering spot for a BBQ, party, holiday, etc.

When Ben was in the Air Force (US), we were stationed in Great Falls, MT and it was known within our circle that the weekend spot to grill and meet up after a day floating on the river, playing a ball game or whatever the occasion, was our place.

Who am I kidding, there didn’t need to be any occasion to come to our place to grill, build a fire in the evening, drink, party and let loose!

Hell, our friends used our home to gather when we were away on vacation!  We would get phone calls and texts jokingly (I hope) telling us they were going through our underwear drawers.  And when we got home, the house was clean, the fridge and bar were stocked and everyone came over again the following weekend.

Not much has changed since our younger, more carefree days.

A lot of people would ask “don’t you get tired of hosting?” or “you always get stuck with the prep and clean up”.  And my response is “hell no!” to both.  I never really get tired of hosting – there are many reasons.   1) We have the baby of the group (not by much, but Hazel is the youngest) so hosting makes it easier on us as parents being in her environment.  2) refer back to reason #1 because to me that’s good enough reason right there!  3) we put a lot of time and effort into our backyard and home and really enjoy sharing it with our friends and family.

And having to prep and clean up – for me – is a sign of a successful day/evening with people that I care about and love spending time with, making memories.  In fact, just last night the comment was made “I feel bad leaving you guys with the clean up” and my first thought was, there really wasn’t much to do and I’m happy to do it.  But the second thought was – this friend bought and prepared all the meat for our bbq last night. And also went out of his way to make a batch of ribs without sauce to accommodate my diet.

I surround myself with people that get it. Get me. And support me and my health choices.  They don’t need to eat like me. They don’t need to even understand why I do what I do in the kitchen, gym, etc.  They just need to realize it’s important to me and support me like I would support them.

Ben and I are SO grateful that we are surrounded by people that do this for us.  Because a lot of us do not have the support and buy in from our loved ones when we implement a new routine.  And that can make us feel like a pariah in our own homes or inner circles.

How many of us have ever had to make a separate meal for ourselves?

What about eating a full meal before going out so you don’t have to explain why you brought your own food or only ate a few bites of something at a dinner party?

It’s more common than it should be.  It’s also one more hill we have to climb in what seems like a never ending trek of obstacles standing in our way to become healthier.

It is so crucial for us to have those talks with those that matter most and be candid with them about how much our lifestyle changes means to us.  We also need to be candid and vulnerable when we discuss it.  We can’t give general reasons that perhaps we’ve tossed about previously.  We need to come to terms with why we want to be change our habits and our mindset before we can expect those around us to accept and welcome the changes also.

If you don’t get the support you want (or deserve) at first – be patient, but stick to your guns! Remember in the end, this is your change, your health and your life.  Once those around you see how serious you are about bettering your health, they will usually want to follow suit (and wonder why it took themselves so long to come around)

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Bon appetite!

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