Each Monday in my E2C2 group, we talk about Mindset.

We discuss anything and everything that might be getting in the way of us accomplishing something. Doesn’t matter if it’s health related; it could be career, family, friends, money, whatever.

I wanted to share some of them with all of you, because chances are, it’s something you’ve experienced at some point. Maybe you’re struggling with it now. I know that everything they’ve brought to the table so far, has been something I’ve had to overcome, or perhaps am even still working through.

Which is why I’m so damn grateful for these ladies EVERY DAY. I may be the “coach”, but they support me and inspire me when I need it too.

The first one comes from Ashley. She says:
When it comes to diet, my struggle isn’t in know what to eat, it’s balancing it out. I don’t feel bad when I eat poorly, until a few months goes by and then I hate how I look/feel. When I do really well on my diet, it becomes an obsession…and my biggest thing (bigger than disliking how I look) is I don’t want my boys seeing me say, “oh I can’t have this or that, or being obsessing over food.”

Preach sister. So many of us get stuck in the rut of all or nothing.

Especially during the holiday season, We can find ourselves eating crap all the time, never taking the time to step back and ask ourselves “does this make me feel good to eat this? And “if I know it’s going to make me feel bad – why am I doing it?”

Often we begin to think that if we can’t commit 100% to a healthier way of doing things, why not indulge and do whatever makes us happy? But, in the end, does eating every baked treat, cafe lunch and buffet sample truly make us happy? Chances are not. It usually makes us feel sluggish, tired and guilty – certainly not the way we deserve to feel.

On the other hand, when we make a healthier routine a priority, we can get caught up in trying so hard to be “perfect” and forget that it’s just food.
And while we need to be mindful about what we eat, we cannot forget to live life and enjoy all the incredible foods we are lucky enough to be privy to. Tracking calories, macros, and journaling food is meant to be a guideline, and if we find ourselves being restricted by these method, it’s time to take a step back and rethink our strategy.
And as a mom, I can get behind the statement Ashley made about never wanting my kids to hear me say “I can’t have that food because …..”.

I teach them that we can eat whatever we want – but that we feel better, play better and live better when we eat healthy, real foods.

When we feel ourself headed down a path of restriction or all out indulgence, take a moment to recognize what we’re doing and have a short convo with ourself.
What’s the emotion behind the choice I’m about to make?

How do I want to feel in this moment and how will my choice make me feel afterwards?

What would be my advice to my kids, friends, loved ones in this same situation?

If it’s good enough for us to expect different and a more positive mindset from others, then it’s damn well good enough for us.

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