You are in the throes of motherhood and wonder but feel lost in this new body. Even if it's not you first pregnancy, each postpartum journey brings new emotions and experiences in a body that you feel as though you've lost control over.

You are bombarded with expectations to "bounce back", but not to quickly. Do "gentle" exercise, but what does that even mean? Be aware of your mental health, but wake up every few hours to care for your new baby, and for goodness sake "eat right" so you make enough milk but don't eat too much because you have to get back into your pre-baby jeans. 

There is nothing more overwhelming or confusing than being a new mom and not having a trusted source to go to for everything fitness, nutrition, recovery and support (without judgement). Which is why I created the 4TH TRIMESTER TRANSFORMATION.

Most programs, trainers and coaches are missing out on 1 or more critical piece of the puzzle when working with new moms.

  •  They don't know how to address pelvic floor health (ie: peeing when you sneeze/run/cough).
  •  They don't understand how nutrition, stress, sleep can affect hormones, milk supply and recovery.
  •  They don't account for the physiological changes experienced during pregnancy. 
  •  They don't know how to coach without fear and misinformation.

At Empowerfit, our entire community was created to fill all the gaps in the current landscape of postpartum coaching. Our team is stacked with women who have dedicated their careers to moms and their babies, supporting YOU to have the best 4th trimester experience possible. All you have to do is reach out and allow us to help. We got you mama.

A program like this is something our moms could never have imagined. New moms have fallen through the cracks for too long, and this program changes that. It's all about YOU.

This 8 week adventure (designed for women with babies less than 1 year old) will help you destroy the limits of motherhood and fall in love with your body after baby. Our team of postpartum experts are are going to treat you with the respect and care and inspiration every mother deserves during this important phase of life.

You will: ⭐️ Reconnect to (and fall in love with) your pelvic floor & core. ⭐️ Get stronger (yay muscles!)so you can handle #momlife like a boss. ⭐️ Fall in love with your body and rock it with confidence. ⭐️ Learn the best strategies & techniques to nurture this chapter of postpartum. ⭐️ Understand how to safely get back to doing the things that fill your cup. ⭐️ Connect with a community of other moms experiencing what you are. Me and my team of expert coaches are standing by and GUARANTEE the same results.  

Our 4th Trimester 8 Week Transformation is going to answer questions you didn't even know you had and help you find the right balance of strength, confidence and respect for a body that has done amazing things! 

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Your transformation begins JUNE 22ND, 2020 

  • 16 group personal training sessions lead by expert womens health coaches for just $87/week! (that's 45% off!!)
  • You will finally feel energized instead of exhausted
  • Daily LIVE check ins from your trainer to keep you from losing focus and failing.
  • 1 FREE group fitness classes each week with our community of moms already living the ultimate lifestyle.
  • We were published in YEG Fitness magazine March 2020 edition as a womens health & fitness expert!
  • STRENGTH training for #momlife and how to relate the gym moves to your daily grind so you can stay injury free!
  • Body part SPECIFIC moves to help you get the best physique ever! Core, glutes, back, arms - we cover it all!
  • Mindset PRACTICE to transform the way you think about your body after kids (weak will no longer be in your vocabulary)
  • Over $1000 worth of BONUSES to make sure this is a long term win for you. 

During Your 8 Week Mom-Bod Renewal, you will :

Learn about weight lifting and hormones and WHY we lift weights for the best RESULTS. (yes, you can stop doing all that cardio!)

Find your people and connect with other moms in your community! No drama, no judgement, just ACCOUNTABILITY and support!

RECLAIM your confidence and bring your sexy back! (yes, moms CAN be sexy too!)

MASTER movements like pushups, squats, lunges and other techniques and unlock badass status!

What's best for PRE & POST workout nutrition (let's keep it simple!)

IMPROVE PELVIC FLOOR & CORE strength and function! (cause seriously, we do not need pain, peeing or prolapse in our lives!)

Find BALANCE between being a mom and taking care of your own body. Being a fit mom does NOT take hours in the gym. (I'll prove it to ya!)

Get body specific workout techniques to TIGHTEN where you want it most! (My fave is definitely the booty! What's yours?)