Keep Calm, It’s Just an UnBirthday

It’s that time of year again!! The invites are being addressed and will soon be delivered to excited youngsters that anticipate the fun and excitement of Uriah’s UN-birthday party! What the heck is an UN-birthday party? Well, it’s exactly that.  It’s a party to celebrate Uriah’s UN birthday! Poor kid was born a week before … [Read more…]

What time is it?

This morning I’d like to start off by giving a huge high five to all my fellow mommas out there, that have kids that wake up at the crack of dawn, and then terrorize us all morning with moody Judy attitude.  Because that’s been how my entire last week has played out and I’m SO … [Read more…]

Always the host – rarely the guest

We love to entertain and have our friends to our home.  Having a crowd, lots of chatter and a general buzz of activity around our home or yard is something that Ben and I have always thrived on.  Both of us are social butterflies and we are frequently the first to chime in and offer … [Read more…]

I am such a jerk!

Ok so this just happened – I was having a fabulous morning.  I coached an amazing class at 9am, went to the greenhouse and did my part to help the environment by buying lady bugs for pest control (no pesticides here!) and then picked up Uriah from school early and went to my grandparents for … [Read more…]